Trigger Warning: But I Never Saw Her Pray

Performance, 2022

Taking the audience to the theatre of the eighteenth level of hell in the Oriental worldview, a netherworld wedding presents a number of scenarios ranging from the chained women of Xuzhou recently, the baby tower, the lamb ritual, and the shearing of the tongue in hell, exploring the position of women as objects in the reincarnation of historical structures and social regulations.


Qingqing Liu
Yaya Liang
River Cao
Beatrix Lepine
Kiik Amor

Costume: Hao Tan
Set: Qingqing Liu
Makeup: Shuyang Li, Qingqing Liu
Sound: xiaoyu1002
Poster: Yaya Liang
Photograph: Minxu Li, Kaishui
Videograph: Sai Li, Guanzhen Gao, Chenshuo Hsu

Special thanks to
Shiwen Wang
Jack Fan

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