Performance via Zoom, 2021

This is a collaboration with artists River Cao, Chloe Langlois, and Chia Yu Yeh to represent the Ministry of Defense at STATE OF THE ART CAP Symposium on behalf of Sorry Crisps.

We produced a MoD promotional film combined with a performance based on the zoom formatI wrote the script and participated in the production as one of the performers and post-producers.

To avoid a pandemic when our human beings are confined to their own rooms, like parts generally only work and live in their own cabins. The military branch of the Ministry of Defence is in the process of being dismantled as the outside environment has become off-limits.

The Department of Defense has been transformed from defending national territory in the real world to defending national interests in the virtual world. Thus we hope to achieve TOTAL FLESH COMMUNISM, where the state becomes a subscription service (albeit mandatory) and all programs in the room are replaced with programs produced by the Department of Defense. And further explored the body politic that has to do with drug use. In the virtual world, we opted for a rave party based on body rhythms. which danced and encouraged the audience to dance with us.

To read  the whole MoD manifesto:

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