Breathe With Me

For the construction of the infrastructure for the residents of Sorry crisps, the 2000 Ton City designed by super studio in 1971 has become a reality. Here there is only a continuation of a single building, consisting of square nesting rooms. Each unit is equipped with technology capable of meeting all human needs and physical demands. Ceiling screens are pressed down with 2000 tons of gravity until they are completely airtight with the floor. Combining Zhuangzi's philosophical argument of dreaming of butterflies, the material body and space no longer exist, and life is filled only with virtual screens and highly dense media messages. A real tactile sensation in the age of existing objects is replaced by a visual dominated illusion. At the same time, the extraordinary stimulation of the screen amplifies the inhabitants' desire for the high purity of color that is almost non-existent in nature.

Episode 2, 04’49”,2021

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Video Installation, Royal College Of Art Degree Show, Cormwell Place, London, 2021

Episode 1, 06’25”,2021